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Howdy from the Pacific Crest Trail

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Mammoth Lakes Mile 906.6

Postby Hetchy » Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:34 am

Thanks You All!
Guess what?
I am at mile 906.6 today!
I am in the town of Mammoth lakes posting to you from the Looney Bean coffee co. I am staying at the new Shady rest Campground while I zero here. It will be a short resupply as I have a box full of grub waiting in Toulumne.. and new shoes Thank God! I am gonna bring some oppulent food for the next 38 mile section. I managed the last six passes in six days. Four of them under hail and rain.. but it was epic. I finally get what you all have been raving about down here in the central Sierra. I am definitely coming back to some of these places after the hike for more.. "study time"! :D
My God the Rae Lakes.. Evoulution and all those little places(Ha Ha) like the Palisades are unreal.
I am truly fortunate to be here and the weather was a bonus in my opinion.. make for dramatic photos. Marie lake looked like it was floating in the sunlight as all the surrounding peaks were in the dark shadows of the clouds and the canyon beyond just drops off into the abyss.
A lot of my fellow thru's bailed on this section due to the weather.. I feel sorry cause they missed a lot of epic stuff.. I hope they come back later cause this area is a "don't miss" place.
Holy moly who built that Golden stair case coming down out of Evolution lake?! That was the most incredible piece of trail engineering I have seen.. just incredible.
That hut atop Muir pass was a trip. I can only imagine back in the day when they sat in there with the fireplace lit up sipping tea and brandy.. Epic My friends! :D
Much more fun to be had and the weather is gonna get hot is appears as I travel north through Yosemite and into my "neck-o-the-woods". I can't wait to find out what the trail has in store after Dorothy Lake Pass cause I have only been as far as Stella, Ruth,and Helen lakes there.. Can't wait to enter Vulcan's Realm! :littledevil:
I have one thing to say... YEEEHAAA! :D :D :D
Cheers- Iceaxe (Hetchy)
PS. Now I am gonna go eat second breakfast.. I kinda lost like 25 lbs but somehow it only came off my butt and face.. Ha some of my friends would say the was quite appropriate!!! Ha!Ha! :partyman:
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Re: Howdy from the Pacific Crest Trail

Postby Baffman » Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:12 am

I am so glad to hear that you are having such a great time. These live updates are awesome. The way you feel comes out and touches me. Incredible. Thanks. I am mostly familiar with the areas you just mentioned. I grew up down in that area. Sure makes me want to get out. I'm heading in for a week over July 4th.

Congratulations are your hike so far and the best of luck to you for the rest of it.

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