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Hostels, campsites, and rooms, oh my!

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Hostels, campsites, and rooms, oh my!

Postby patmegowan » Tue Mar 10, 2009 3:10 pm

I am planning a multi-month wander in the Sierras this coming summer consisting of a series of large loops ranging between Cottonwood lakes and Northern Yosemite during the first part of the trip, followed by a single long walk from roughly Sierra City (north of Tahoe) to Kennedy Meadows (south of Whitney). There will be both east and west side trailheads for the loops, though a majority on the east.

There will be short gaps between sections to allow for resupply, major calorie consumption, photo download, online tasks, and so forth. The principal question here concerns places to stay, eat, and get business done during these gaps.

Many thru-hikers rent motel rooms, and your recommendations for better choices (or your preferred alternatives) would be very welcome. There is one hostel in Lone Pine, know of any others? B and Bs are wonderful too, sometimes in Oregon they are no more expensive than a motel, but haven't seen any Sierran bargains online so far.

Since the loops on the first part of the trip will be returning me to a car, I'll have more flexibility in transportation than the average thru-hiker who depends on hitching. Favorite camping areas both established and esp. dispersed would be welcome too.

Another alternative that might end up as economical would be to rent a room in someone's house, more or less in the Bishop to Mammoth area, thus providing a central base of operations where gear, extra food, computer, and so on could stay. I haven't found a craigslist that seems to touch the area, any ideas?


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