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Re: Lake Italy

Postby SSSdave » Sat Jul 12, 2008 11:05 pm

Take-a-Hike wrote:... After just coming back from BlackCap Basin and the swarms of mosquitos there I was wondering if you'd encountered any of the pesky blood suckers around Edison/Lake Italy...Gawd were there ever dreadful in the NFKR area.

Perry you sound like another t-shirt and shorts person that hasn't figured out how to backpack during mosquito season without being hounded and bitten by mosquitoes?

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Re: Lake Italy

Postby Take-a-Hike » Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:43 am

another t-shirt and shorts person

Yes I like the tee shirt/shorts option, but use a liberal supply of Ultrathon, which in our opinion works well. Wife uses the full clothing routine...long sleeves/pants. In either event what "bugs" us the most is the in the ears, nose, under the glasses, down the throat stuff, then the complete disregard for our peace and quiet in the evening trying to relax before hitting the tent. They do bite me...but the bites don't bother me..the next day they're all gone. I don't itch, they go away. It's just that when you stop to catch a breath on the trail and the sun almost disappears behind the cloud that gets under your skin...day after day, this trip. They really detracted from an otherwise scenic trip with plenty of personal challenges that I plan to doc in a trip report if I can figure this photo thing out on this forum...but I've almost got it...lot easier now w/the new upgrades.
I've heard some discussion about what works/doesn't, we were wondering if taking garlic pills before/during a trip helps. WIfe was suggesting that for our next trip, but it sounds like in Lake Italy area and probably most places, by first of Aug they may be past their peak time. Like I told her...they may not like the garlic, but we still have to sleep next to each other too!!
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