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Yosemite over Thanksgiving weekend?

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Yosemite over Thanksgiving weekend?

Postby fyton2v » Fri Nov 02, 2007 11:07 am

The family wants to camp in Yosemite over Thanksgiving. I've been avoiding that place for a long time due to the crowds and I know nothing about the area.

If any of you have some knowledge I'd appreciate knowing...

How are the crowds during thanksgiving?

What are the chances of getting a spot in one of the campgrounds? It'll be cold so there has to be some available, right?

Which campgrounds offer the best privacy and/or access to trail heads? Looking at the YOSE NP website it seems like "Camp 4" could be good because RV aren't allowed. I'd really like to avoid RVs.

Should we try to camp in the valley or someplace else? The kids would mostly be into watching wildlife. Are there any locations where we would have a better chance at seeing deer, etc.?

Am I crazy for even thinking about going there around Thanksgiving?

Thanks much!

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Postby SPeacock » Sat Nov 03, 2007 7:34 pm

Family used to go to Yosemite every T-day. The trails had few people on them, and the parking was open.

We cheated. We'd rent a house in Wawona, pack it full of a dozen people, stay up all night playing board games, eating popcorn, spilling cocoa, feeding the fireplace fire and telling lies. The kids would fall asleep playing games and we'd just tuck them into a corner and let them find their own way around in the morning.

The only real problem we had was when we invited another family and they brought a turkey also. YIKES!

The falls were always a tradition as was getting up early enough to have coffee at the Wawona Inn before the crowd in the rental woke up. Nice lounge, to spread out in and stretch your legs and watch the sun try to come up.

Only had one snow of any consequence.

The trip home to LA area was usually a nightmare compounded by Tule Fogs and traffic.
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Postby Sierra Maclure » Sun Nov 04, 2007 9:40 am

Sounds like fun. I even roasted a turkey in a Webber once in the Valley, but you have to stay around so the bears don't snatch it. When we winter camp there we always have some meals at the Curry Village restaurant or at the lodge just for a place to be warm, even if it's breakfast. I have a friend who celebrates his birthday (gonna be 60 this year) camping and hanging out at Camp 4 around Tgiving and says it's great. There's a free shuttle that will take you to trailheads or even just around the Valley. Have fun!
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Re: Yosemite over Thanksgiving weekend?

Postby sierranomad » Mon Nov 05, 2007 3:59 pm

fyton2v wrote: Are there any locations where we would have a better chance at seeing deer, etc.?

Thanks much!

You're almost guaranteed to see deer. A couple of places I see them alot are in the meadows around Curry Village (Stoneman Meadow; and between Curry Village & Yosemite Village.

If you're birdwatchers, head to El Capitan Meadow. The place is filled with Acorn Woodpeckers, Stellers Jays and Blue Birds.

Keep your eyes open. A lot of people have been seeing bobcats in the Valley..you just may be fortunate enough to see one.

Yosemite is an incredible place. You'll have a great time.
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