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Postby Rosabella » Sun Aug 26, 2007 8:34 am

Thanks Madeintahoe! Yeah.... the Seven Sacred Pools were all so beautiful! The trail that led to the general area was beyond Washburn Lake; the pools were just off the trail a bit. The pools had beautiful cascading falls that fed into to the pools themselves, one after another. It was only a few miles from Merced Camp, but we didn't see anyone else and the trail did not show a lot of wear.

The food was amazing at the camps! Each morning we were offered oatmeal, fresh fruit, some type of egg dish, and a side meat... and yes, pancakes. Meals were all served family-style. Dinners were great - soup, green salad, and the main entre's were all creative and delicious, ending with some type of dessert. The sack lunchs included a sandwich, fresh fruit, a juice box, and a couple cookies. the food was all great, but what I enjoyed the most was actually having fresh fruit and vegetables on the trail!

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