TR: White Wolf to Pate Valley (and back)

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Re: TR: White Wolf to Pate Valley (and back)

Post by Harlen » Mon Oct 26, 2020 12:17 pm

Bernard (Bernhard) is a West Germanic masculine given name.
The name is attested from at least the 9th century. West Germanic Bernhard is composed from the two elements bern "bear" and hard "brave, hardy".
Not fair, you are apparently kin of those most brilliant animals. I sent many of my happiest hours sitting on Alaskan tundra watching bears live their lives. Best Sierra bear trip I've ever had was 7 bears on a trip from Onion Valley to Vidette and Junction Meadows, up East Creek and return. I've had very little luck in the past few years, though I've been looking hard. You have all the luck. Cheers, Ian.

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