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Stunning lakes/remote locations?

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Postby cgundersen » Fri Aug 10, 2007 9:49 am

Hi Dave,
I've had trouble accessing this site the last couple days, but it's given me time to reflect on your great shot (and the value of lugging the extra weight in equipment that you carry along).....and wonder where it is....

Then, to elaborate on the personal preferences issue that Giantbrookie also touched on, the places that I alluded to earlier as being at the top of my list for memorably great spots in the Sierras combined both remarkable scenery with "comfortable" campsites (both Spearpoint and the Blue Lakes have great spots to bed down, and infinity pool perspectives from which to admire the scenery) and a sense of isolation. But, as I noted, there are lots of places that come very close to those two (at least, in my minds eye), and I was just hoping to coax others to divulge their favorites in part because it might help me select future "targets". And, as this thread has developed, it has certainly added to my "to do" list. Maybe it's gotten others to do the same?

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