TR: Northern Yosemite/Kibbie 2018

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Re: TR: Northern Yosemite/Kibbie 2018

Post by kpeter » Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:33 pm

watsonic wrote:Really curious about the route up from Kibbie. Do you have a topo with route plot you could share? I'd love to ascend to the Boundary Lake area via that route (because of the road closure to KR TH), but sounds like there could be some trouble with the deadfall and brush.

I took the trail from KR TH -> Boundary Lake a couple of years ago (must have just been before the road closed) and enjoyed the destination but not as much the journey. Wondering if I can squeeze in a visit back to Boundary, Inferno and Cherry Creek area into 3 days. West Fork Cherry Creek at the intersection of Buck Meadow Creek two weekends ago was powerful in several senses of the word. Difficult but possible ford.
Yes, the Kibbie Ridge trail is dull, but I have to say the trail to Kibbie and the CX from Kibbie to the ridge is not much more interesting. The sole reason for doing it my way was to camp at Kibbie one night, which remains a pretty lake and a nice stopover.

Coming out it is easy to make time on the ridge trail. I'm a notorious slowpoke and two times I have come from Boundary to the trailhead (once the Eleanor trailhead!) in 6-7 hours.

What everyone says is true, however, there is a whole lot to explore back in the Boundary area, and the trail getting there is dull, so longer trips make for a greater pleasure:pain ratio. Three days is possible but would emphasize the transit through dull stuff.

Thank you for the intel on W Fork Cherry Creek. I will be there tomorrow--but at the crossing on the high trail rather than down lower at Buck Meadow Creek. If we can't get across we will do some cross-x to Leopold and Granite instead of the planned trip to the Deer Lake vicinity.
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