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More SEKI Trip Questions

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More SEKI Trip Questions

Postby bryanalban » Fri Feb 23, 2007 1:02 pm

Ok, first of all, thanks for all the help and info from my previous posts.

I had set my mind on doing Sunset Meadow to Roaring River for my trip this summer (late June), until I looked at another guide book and discovered a new choice. So I'd like your opinions on which trip you think would be the most rewarding. There are 4 people in the group, and what I'm looking for is a trip that would be between 20-26 miles roundtrip, and have a destination where there would be some sense of being "alone in the wilderness". I know we'll see other hikers, but I don't want to be in a "tent city".

So the choices are:

1. Sunset to Roaring River (26 mi) From RR we could dayhike into Deadman and Cloud Cyn,

2. Lodgepole to Ranger Lake (20 mi) In the book it says "Ranger lake, peaceful and lightly visited", is this true?

3. Lodgepole to Lost Lake (26 mi)

#2 & 3 involve going over Sillman Pass which is one thing 2 of the people in the group would really enjoy. Also we could day hike to Ranger, Lost and Beville Lakes.

So out of these 3 destinations which would give us the most "picturesque" and seluded destination to setup a "base camp" for a couple days? I have to say, the description of Ranger and Lost Lakes sound great!

Another thing, should be be conserned about snow on either of these trails. We are going to be there at the end of June, so will that be a problem? Sillman Pass is at 10,100 ft., will we be able to pass?

Thanks again for all the help.
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Postby maverick » Fri Feb 23, 2007 1:39 pm

Hey Bryan

I see you are really trying to pin down a location(saw your post
on Backpacker.com).
If you want total solitude for a basecamp and dont mind some easy
cross-country then go to the upper Sheep Camp Lake from Seville or
Lost Lake.
It's pretty and no one goes there because there are no trails to it and
you can go to Lost Lake and Ranger Lakes staying at around 9200ft
skirting around Twin Peaks(their is kind of a light trail but difficult to
follow in some places).
I saw the most people at Ranger Lake and a few at Lost Lake.
Ranger Lake is nothing special IMO.
Seville Lake is prettier to me than Ranger Lake.
If you decide to stay at Sheep Camp Lake you will need bear canisters
unlike Seville, Lost and Ranger Lakes which have bear boxes.
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