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Camping In Car On Road In Yosemite

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Re: Camping In Car On Road In Yosemite

Postby sparky » Fri Aug 12, 2016 4:54 pm

InsaneBoost wrote:I think I know the road you are talking about to Saddlebag. That's not too far from where I'll be shooting. Perhaps I'll just go down that way. I assume CHP/Forest don't check that area then?

We were pulled over at 1 AM by a CHP officer that was hanging out right there at that turnoff. I don't know what that guy had going on but it was a strange and awkward experience. Anyway, they do roam around looking in vehicles, but they tend to only scrutinize vehicles in the valley it seems. I don't feel what you describe is against the spirit of the rule, but at the same time, expect to be given a citation.

I can easily sleep in my vehicle pretty much anywhere without worry. It is pretty nice actually.

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