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Our 2016 JMT Fail.....

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Re: Our 2016 JMT Fail.....

Postby longri » Thu Jul 28, 2016 9:28 am

SSSdave wrote:The primary reason people hike and backpack in the High Sierra is because of its incredible world class wilderness beauty and wonder. Oh they would say it is to climb, or fish, or relax, or photograph, or attain some challenging athletic feat, or whatever but such misses the deeper reason. I am not saying such tasks and goals are not worthwhile but rather they somewhat miss the core reason they are out there. Otherwise they would be content to hike along trans mountain highways with much less logistical issues, or about some boring mid mountain forest without views, or fish the many convenient road side reservoirs and streams, or climb peaks beside highways. Thus I personally view thru hiking goals as athletics challenges that miss the primary reason people go out into those mountains. I think some backcountry enthusiasts have a problem with being content to enjoy and experience spectacular scenery without also having something TO DO or a GOAL. Thus they find in long distance hiking a task and goal although again it isn't the primary reason they are out there whether they realize that or not. So yes you may find spending more time in those special places in the mountains that inspire and fill you with wonder is what may be a more rewarding and fulfilling experience than a task and goal narrowly focused on trails through it.

A good troll...

Snowtrout -- good luck next time! It's well worth another go.

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Re: Our 2016 JMT Fail.....

Postby notis » Fri Jul 29, 2016 8:28 pm

Thanks for sharing. Not every experience goes perfectly--even though we sometimes try to plan it that way. I'm very guilty over obsessive planning; thanks for sharing your humbling experience, and it's great you figured out what "type" of hikers you are.
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Re: Our 2016 JMT Fail.....

Postby Snowtrout » Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:50 am

The reason I wrote the post that way and used the word "fail" was to help others, especially newbies, understand that not all trips go according to plan. Six, eight, twelve months of planning can be wiped out in an instant by weather, fatigue, injury or in our case, just not enjoying the pace and crowded trails. I believe too often people in their trail reports, on this site and others, talk about how great the trip was and gloss over or do not write about the hardships, struggles and bailing out of trips. "We" like to talk about the positive and not dwell on the negative. Unfortunately, that can lead to unrealistic expectations by people with less experience trying to duplicate a trip they read about from a very experienced hiker who has their gear dialed in and is in shape. In "failing", my wife and I learned so many lessons from the whole experience: food planning, trip logistics, gear choices, trail profiles, physical training, etc. More importantly, we learned how we truly like to enjoy the mountains located in our backyard. For us, "failing" was a teachable moment.
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