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Postby shadow11 » Sat Apr 07, 2007 10:04 pm

Thanks all for the suggestions. I think I decided to add a few (40 to 50) miles and go from Lodgepole to Roaring River down Cloud Canyon to Lower Junction Meadow up to Tyndall Creek to Charlotte Lake and do Rae Lakes Loop back to Avalanche Pass down Deadmans Canyon to Bearpaw and back to LodgePole. That gets me to do a lot that I haven't seen before without having to do a lot of backtracking.
Next question is - Can I get a resupply at Roads End legally and do they carry backpacking supplies? I have been there once a few years ago and if my memory is correct they carry backpacking supplies (dehydrated meals). I am not sure on the rules of getting off the trail to pick up supplies and whether I need a new permit to get back on the trail again. Thanks all in advance.

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Postby maverick » Tue Apr 10, 2007 1:17 pm

Youll have to hike or hitch a ride to Cedar Grove where the store
does carry a limited amount of supplies.
I would recommend dropping off food in one of the bear boxes at
the backpackers parking lot near the Copper Creek Trailhead at Roads
End on the way to your trailhead at Lodgepole.
Just mark your bags with you initals and a pick up date.
It would be a long detour but at least youll eat according to you liking
and not the stores availability.
You might do this a day before unless you had planned on staying at
the Lodgepole Campground the first night.
No you do not need a new permit.
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