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TR: Yosemite's Pohono Panorama Trail May 2016

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TR: Yosemite's Pohono Panorama Trail May 2016

Postby LonePine » Thu May 26, 2016 5:21 pm

Last week I spent 4 days backpacking in Yosemite on the Pohono - Panorama trail. The idea for this trip came from WD's post about Yosemite and it looked like it might be a good first hike for the season. The waterworks display was amazing. I've never been there in spring so I was surprised by the sea of humanity that visits in May. Not a bad thing if you're way up on the south rim of the valley but it did get a little dicey coming down the Mist trail.

I got a late start about 3:15 pm on Tuesday May 17 when I parked at Tunnel View and climbed up the steep grade to my first camp about 4 miles on the trail. As I've mentioned in other posts the mosquitoes are emerging on the first 3 miles of the trail but none thereafter. Also of note were two rattlers that were reported my other hikers coming down to Tunnel View.

From there the trail meanders through mostly forested areas until you reach the first stunning views of the valley below. That's when it feels like your walking on a high wire 3000 feet above the valley floor.

My second camp was at the footbridge over Bridalveil Creek. It was earlier in the afternoon than I wanted to camp but it was the last place I could camp legally before entering the no-camping zone. My third night's camp was down the Panorama trail into an area outside the the zone before backtracking the next day.

I ended up coming down the Mist trail for a good soaking and having to walk to my car as no one was heading back to Tunnel View. I did get a ride for the last 2 miles once I reached the junction to Tunnel View.

This is a hillmap of the route: ... IDQz5C4Cgw

Here is a link to photos from this trip (which were disappointing because I had my camera set up incorrectly - I'm still learning it's functions): ... 8935901105

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Re: TR: Yosemite's Pohono Panorama Trail May 2016

Postby Wandering Daisy » Thu May 26, 2016 6:11 pm

I do not think the photos are too messed up. Just a bit much on color saturation.

I really like the Pohono Trail. I particularly like to do it before Glacier Point Road opens. That way you can camp at otherwise "illegal" spots. I camped right on top of Taft Point once.

The Mist Trail is always fantastic. Probably will never to the JMT again!
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