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"Harrison Pass Trail" betwn Deerhorn Saddle & Lk Reflection

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Re: "Harrison Pass Trail" betwn Deerhorn Saddle & Lk Reflect

Postby kpeter » Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:44 am

Here is a photograph, from below, of the upper area you circled in purple. The map showing the trail hugging the stream is certainly not accurate--I don't remember a use trail of any sort in this stretch. The first of the upper lakes is just above the V where the stream is coming from.


For obvious reasons, it is easiest to keep to the granite ledges on the left (North) side of the drainage. I do not remember having any problems at all following the granite ledges uphill from this point.

As far as use trails--I recall there was a use trail in a few rare spots below this area where the route wound along the stream and through forest--that would come and go. It was perfectly easy without following the trail, though. Beginning about here on the way up the ground became rocky and the vestiges of the use trail vanished. Coming downhill from Dearhorn Saddle I would just stay right of the stream in the ledges while skirting this brushy, wet area that you have already marked. Then cross the stream in the forest on the way downhill to Reflection.

Here is a shot looking mostly east over the lowest of the upper basin lakes below Deerhorn Pass. You can see that to reach this lake while staying out of the brush I climbed above the stream, and this gave me a little elevation for the photograph.


You will need to pick your way through this stuff around the upper lakes, once you get down from Deerhorn Pass.

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Re: "Harrison Pass Trail" betwn Deerhorn Saddle & Lk Reflect

Postby Teresa Gergen » Thu Mar 03, 2016 7:20 am

Thanks, kpeter, that's exactly the information I was looking for. If I look that far north on the satellite imagery from where the trail is drawn on the map in the upper section, I can see a better line now around the ledges. Appreciate it!
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