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HST Permit vs fines

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Re: HST Permit vs fines

Postby Hobbes » Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:16 am

It sounds like you'd be coming through Walker pass/Isabella, so that puts the Lone Pine IAVC into play.

Have you ever been to Miter basin or Crabtree? You can make a 3/4 day loop by going XC through Miter/Crabtree, then hightail it back on the PCT. There are 4 passes to choose from: New army, Army, Cottonwood & Trail. (As Tim mentioned above, Trail pass is non-quota, hence 100% available. It's an extra 5 miles from Cottonwood on the PCT, so say 2+ hours.)

If you were planning on a different trip and somehow got shut out, this would be a good fallback option. OTOH, Miter/Crabtree is considered by some (myself included) as a top-shelf destination, so you could go there directly knowing you were definitely going to hike. As an aside, I'd be astounded if you couldn't get a walk-in permit for either NAP or Army, which would be the two most scenic routes.

Another consideration, and this would be dependent on your experience, conditioning & equipment, would be to go for one of the 'bad boys': Shepherd, Sawmill, Baxter & Taboose. They have (very) low quotas, but not many takers. Getting over to the eastern Sierra in the afternoon sets up the perfect schedule, because you'd wouldn't have to burn all day waiting around. That is, you could leisurely car camp the first evening @ the TH, then get a fresh 4-5am start the next day.

My (1st world problem) is that I can get to LP in under 4 hours. So, If I leave at 4am, I can be waiting for the office to open @ 8am, but even a rushed 9am start can be too late for those suckers. Alternatively, I can waste a day going up after lunch, but then again I get antsy and think about starting late. If your logistics dictate a certain schedule, then it's out of your control and you can plan appropriately.

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Re: HST Permit vs fines

Postby oleander » Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:07 pm

In 2015, Bearpaw Meadow got its first-ever live-in ranger. His ranger station is practically right on top of the trail. I passed by it 3 times in 2015 and he was standing outside asking for permits all 3 times. Saw him at Buck Creek too, so make that four sightings in three passes.

Ranger Matt. Nice guy. He used to work in Inyo's Bishop office. He said the new post is permanent, not a one-year thing.
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Re: HST Permit vs fines

Postby oldranger » Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:22 pm


Bearpaw had a full time seasonal ranger at least from the late 70s thru 90. Don't know when it was not manned on a regular basis after that. I'm sure George knows. But Matt is not the "first-ever live-in ranger." (Unless he is stationed there all year.)


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Re: HST Permit vs fines

Postby cahiker » Sat Mar 05, 2016 12:50 am

SEKI likes to send rangers out on the popular trails with a list of everyone who has a wilderness permit for that day. I've been checked this way at Merhten Creek along the HST and near Emerald Lake. Kind of nice to be able to just give your last name and not need to dig out the permit, though.
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Re: HST Permit vs fines

Postby Cross Country » Sat Mar 05, 2016 11:30 am

It seems to me that when I first started hiking in the Sierra that the permit quota system didn't exist. When did it start?
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