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So.! Your Dreams 2007 Will Come True

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So.! Your Dreams 2007 Will Come True

Postby YankeleBolot » Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:49 pm

Hi everyone, I am new on your forum, I've been reading it for a while, and decided to try my luck asking a few questions
Who can tell me more in detail about the "Backpacking / Hiking / Camping".
Best Regards..!!


Postby markskor » Mon Jan 15, 2007 2:10 pm


Welcome to the board...I think,

Currently I am employed as a high school teacher...working 9 months a year, and having my summers free for backpacking...a great arrangement. In the past years I taught mathematics and the biological sciences...very exacting subjects, but currently I am blessed to be able to teach art (design) full time…very cool.

Today, when grading their art projects, a subjective task at best, I try to see and appreciate the effort that the students put into the task, and grade them accordingly. My philosophy about teaching is to show them the proper techniques, and then let them discover the subtle nuances of the medium (airbrush, batik, or silkscreen) for themselves, and then discuss any encountered problems with them. I expect them to do the majority of the work, or at least put in a sincere effort.

I stress that they must make an "honest interpretation" of the assignment, (make a statement...say something), and I cringe when anyone tries to take the easy way out, whether in the classroom or in life in general. I especially detest when they refuse to do the work...the is all right there in front of them...they must at least try.

I have come up with a convenient grading Rubric when presented with an assignment that does not meet my standards. On top of their paper, I write - "Cannot Honestly Interpret This," indicating that perhaps more work is required on their part, as I do not know what they are trying to say.

In the course of grading hundreds of assignments and projects, I have conveniently shortened this...

Thus as an answer to your question - This looks like CHIT to me.

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