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Trip Report- Ansel Adams Wilderness "Do Over" 9/29-10/1

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Trip Report- Ansel Adams Wilderness "Do Over" 9/29-10/1

Postby Randyhol » Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:02 pm

After our aborted trip two weeks ago, chased from the mountains after a flooded campsite, torrential rains, howling winds, we returned this week to try it again. Gluttons for punishment it seems.

Sept. 29- Hiked from the Fernandez Trailhead. Very overcast, threatening skies, not a good omen. Rain started as we got close to our objective, Lady Lake. Rain lasted only long enough for us to don full rain gear and get really overheated. I'll take that to have had the rain stop. We approach our planned campsite at Lady Lake to discover a veritable Tent City. Turns out middle schoolers from the Bay area were out on a guided trip. Ah, the sounds of nature peppered with the giggles and loud banter of 14 kids. What the great outdoors is all about. Luckily, met two Rangers who showed us an alternate camp site, well away (distance wise, noise travels forever) from the kids. Chatted with them about the weather, they said the forecast showed the clouds to hold almost no rain for the time we planned to be out. Set camp, weather held, nice night after the kids finally settled down.

Sept. 30- Awoke to very cloudy skies. No rain though. Day hiked to Lillian Lake, then cross country to Rainbow Lake. Stayed overcast the entire time. Met another group of kids on the trail, they all part of what we learned were 7-8 separate groups. The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Babble!!! Luckily they had broken camp and were headed out. Never met any other group. Got back to our camp late PM, good meal, good whiskey (the 11th Essential), kids at our lake were quiet. Light rain started to fall around 11pm.

Do Over sunrise.jpg

Oct. 1- Awoke to ominous skies, a glorious sunrise, but weather quickly turned nasty. Did a very brief walk about at Lady Lake, only to be chased back to our tent when the skies opened up around 10 AM. Spent the next 8 hours in the tent, rain pounding, turning to freezing rain and sleet. At least we kept all our stuff dry this time. Took some solace in knowing that the kids from our lake had the pleasure of breaking their camp and hiking out during the worst of the weather! But we were really asking ourselves if this backpacking stuff is simply not for us. Two trips, two major rain storms. What are the odds? Got a break at dinner time just long enough to let us cook and gobble down dinner, then back into the tent as the freezing rain started anew with a vengence. Awoke around 1 AM to answer nature's call, found totally clear skies.

Do Over Lady Lake.jpg

Oct. 2- Awoke to totally clear skies, a glorious sunrise, simply beautiful day. Cold however, overnight hit about 30. Well below what we'd expected, but we were prepared for it. Spent a leisurely morning over breakfast, broke camp, hiked out. The day renewed our love for these mountains. For all the disappointments from our trip two weeks ago, and the portion of this trip spent huddled in the tent, the walk out was almost spiritual.

So, all in all, a good trip. Can't wait to return.
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Randy Holliday

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Re: Trip Report- Ansel Adams Wilderness "Do Over" 9/29-10/1

Postby rlown » Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:10 pm

Perseverance! I love it! Nice report. Next year, try the early season.
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Re: Trip Report- Ansel Adams Wilderness "Do Over" 9/29-10/1

Postby windknot » Sat Oct 03, 2015 3:21 pm

Wow, that is indeed some perseverance. Glad you guys had a good second trip despite the continued rain! (And the kids. Man, what are the odds?)
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