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TR: Labor Day Weekend 2015

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TR: Labor Day Weekend 2015

Postby bluefintu » Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:03 pm

I just happened to ask my three kids on Thursday, what they want to do over Labor Day Weekend and they wanted to go backpacking. I said okay, and made a mass dash to get things ready for such a short notice. Thursday night, I packed four backpacks with the normal stuff, (I now have three shurpas to take extra stuff) anyway, we left early Saturday to get some kind of open permits at Lone Pine. The Ranger at Lone Pine was very helpful with my last minute options. He told me my options and questioned me about taking four people on the busiest weekend of the year.

The Ranger at Lone Pine said for me to go to Golden Trout Lake out of Onion Valley, what a great choice. We picked up our permit at 10:30 am Saturday and bought our first night dinner (hot dogs) and started our hike about 2:30 in the afternoon. This trip started easy and then turned into a bush whack and a hike or( a climb in some places) a very steep trail. My kids did great (no complaints) till it starting to get dark. We found a nice established campsite and had hotdogs with Salad for dinner.

Next morning, Sunday, we awoke with a frozen creek, I didn't think it was that cold that night, but we had an early departure, 10:00am, and made our way to the last lake. The no name lake was very good fishing for very small brookies and my kids had had a blast!!!! We ate a bunch of the tiny fish for dinner that my youngest one cooked. It was a tough hike, mostly rocks, but, my kids did well and were so happy to catch fish.

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