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Rogue & Mike Sighting

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Rogue & Mike Sighting

Postby robow8 » Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:02 pm

Was up at Grant Grove last Sunday, learning that we wouldn't be able to do the Rae Lakes Loop and getting a permit to get on the HST. With a little extra time on our hands as we didn't have to drive down to Roads End for our permit, we walked around a bit, then went back to the market area. Saw a news van there and then saw two backpackers. I was wondering if it was Colby and his friend who I was supposed to give a ride to today, August 22, back to Lodgpole. Went over and saw that they were trying to hitch to Lodgepole and struck up a conversation. They mentioned that they had been out for 45 days, and I thought to myself,"the only people crazy enough to be out that long are Rogue and Mike". So I asked them, "are you Roguephotonic?" He kind of looked surprised, then replied that he was. And not wanting to be left out, Mike chimed in the he was Alpine Mike! I told them that our plans had changed, and that we would be leaving for Lodgepole at 5 the next morning. Gave them a ride to Wusachi Lodge so they could chill for a while before Lodgepole opened up. Had a nice chat on the way.

Then Thursday morning, we were having some breakfast at the bridge over Lone Pine Creek, and we see a backpacker coming down from Bearpaw. Guess who? Rogue! On his way up to Tamarack Lake and beyond!
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