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Path to Azure from Granite/Bayview Trail

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Path to Azure from Granite/Bayview Trail

Postby alc101ma » Wed Aug 19, 2015 10:13 am

Hi Folks,

I attempted to bushwack down to Azure from the main trail but it was not to be. It was quite an experience! I got majorly cliffed several times but the view was incredible. At one point I started following a dry drainage down but got to a point where the drop from one boulder to the next was just a bit too big. Ideally I would have needed a rope to lower my pack down. I also kept thinking to myself "OK, maybe I can get down but how the heck do I get back up?!" Maybe I would have tried if I was with another person, but solo, with a 30# pack, and a very pregnant wife at home... I think I made the smart choice. :D

Does a reasonably doable way down exist? I think I read an older thread that references such routes. If I attempt Azure again I'll go the easier way from Cascade Creek!

This is about as far as I got. So close... yet so far. :moon:
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Re: Path to Azure from Granite/Bayview Trail

Postby maverick » Wed Aug 19, 2015 1:42 pm

Thanks for getting back with us Alan, and sharing you experience.

and a very pregnant wife at home... I think I made the smart choice. :D

You got that right.
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Re: Path to Azure from Granite/Bayview Trail

Postby balzaccom » Wed Aug 19, 2015 2:02 pm

I agree! The fact that you are here to tell us about it is the whole point!

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