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HR Itinerary: Italy to Puppet & Goddard to Piute Trail

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HR Itinerary: Italy to Puppet & Goddard to Piute Trail

Postby irrfin » Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:27 pm

We leave tomorrow for 2 weeks. I hope to share my first trip report when we get back, likely in September as I am a teacher and the school year starts in August. If anyone has any suggestions for my open-ended campsites or more specific ideas for our rest day-hiking day in the Bear Lakes Basin, please feel free to chime in (I will probably lose cell service around noon PST).

I did the Bear Lakes Basin loop solo from Italy to Vee starting at Bear Creek Diversion in early July of 2013 so I am familiar with part of the journey.

High Sierra National Forest / John Muir Wilderness / Kings Canyon NP

Week 1 8/2-8/9
DB and AI

8/2: LONG
Park car Bear Creek Diversion
Hike Bear Creek Trail to PCT/JMT junction for camp 1

Hike south PCT/JMT for 1 mile
East up Hilgard Branch to Lake Italy for camp 2

Hike south to Jumble Lake
Cross to White Bear Lake via Dancing Bear Pass
Camp at White Bear, Black Bear or Bear Paw Lake for camp 3

8/5: EASY
Base camp at camp 3
Day hike and explore (Vee Lake, Claw Lake, Den Lake, Gruff Lake)

Hike SE from Bear Paw Lake to Feather Pass
Cross to La Salle Lake area via Feather Pass
Hike South to Merriam Lake for camp 4

Merriam Lake to French Canyon
French Canyon to Puppet Lake for camp 5

8/8: LONG
Hike SW from Puppet Lake to Piute Trail
Find good site between Hutchinson Meadow and PCT/JMT junction on Piute Trail for camp 6

8/9: EASY
Camp 6 to PCT/JMT to Muir Trail Ranch
Locate good campsite on South side of River for camp 6
Chill, enjoy hot springs, explore
Await arrival of Jonathan at Muir Trail Ranch, likely in evening
Reration from Muir Trail Ranch Bucket

Week 2

8/9: EASY
JI parks at Florence Lake Parking Lot
Takes Lake Boat Shuttle Across to West side
Jonathan hikes Florence Trail to Muir Trail Ranch
Camp 1 in Muir Trail Ranch area after meeting DB and AI

Hike south on PCT/JMT to Goddard Canyon Junction
Find first best camp at junction or in Goddard Canyon heading south into canyon for camp 2

8/11: LONG
Hike South up Goddard Canyon Trail
Follow North Goddard Creek as landmark to Davis Lake for camp 3

8/12: EASY
From Davis Lake cross Davis Lake Pass west to Wanda Lake
From Wanda Lake take PCT/JMT north to Evolution Lake for camp 4

8/13: EASY
From Evolution Lake head north towards Alpine Col
Find good site in Darwin Canyon, Darwin Bench or closer to Alpine Col for camp 5

From camp 5 cross Alpine Col north to Goethe Lake
From Goethe Lake head north to Murie Lake
Find good site at Murie Lake, Wahoo Lakes***, or Golden Trout Lakes for camp 6

From camp 6 head east on Puite Trail
Find good camp mid point between Hutchinson Meadow & JMT/PCT junction for camp 7
If possible push through to Muir Trail Ranch (makes 8/15 very long, 8/16 easy)

8/16: LONG
Camp 7 to Florence Lake TH for Exit
Bring money for boat shuttle for 3 people
JI drives DB & AI to Bear Creek Diversion OHV road
DB and AI hike 3 miles w/out packs to car, drive home seperately

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