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Trip Report: North Lake to South Lake Loop 7/18-7/26

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Re: Trip Report: North Lake to South Lake Loop 7/18-7/26

Postby tadavidson » Tue Aug 11, 2015 8:32 pm

Thank you for the boot referral, I like the price of these better than the other wide toe box boots I found (Lowa), and I am definitely earning my REI dividend this year. :-)
Thanks for all who replied and posted! I read "Wild" way before the movie, actually had a hard time getting through it, which I don't ever feel with books usually. I live in greater Los Angeles area and have very little patience for the self-absorbed, ill-conceived things Angelinos think up to do to "conquer their demons." (self-inflicted ones, typically). I started getting really resentful of that attitude being in my beloved Sierras and "inspiring" those who probably shouldn't, to go on the PCT, already a freeway of sorts. I did finish it finally, and gave it away promptly to my marina's book swap. :-) (I live on my sailboat). I have solo backpacked for well over 20 years, a few times with friends, but there is something so sublime about not talking[i]for days at a time and really going at your own pace and with your own agenda. It's always interesting to hear, "Aren't you scared?" from others...about what?? I have far more to fear walking out the door every day than I ever would in the wilderness, short of a bad fall where I was knocked unconscious or something. [/i]

My feet are almost healed...for real, it was serious abuse I put my piggies through! :-(

Beantown wrote:enjoyed reading your trip report! nothing like solo backpacking.

i too suffer from big wide foot! i got the vasque st elias in wide this year and its the most comfy boot I've owned yet. here it is in women. ... ots-womens.

if ya got questions for the jmt, you know me on fb this is brad m. O:)

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