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Ionian Basin: Lots of route questions

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Re: Ionian Basin: Lots of route questions

Postby Wandering Daisy » Mon Jul 13, 2015 6:55 am

I did the south side of Davis Lake years ago. It is NOT easy and not that much shorter- about 3 miles to the PCT vs 3.5 miles on the north shore. Not worth the extra difficulty.

As for "a long ways across Ionian Basin", From the PCT at Helen Lake to Black Giant it is 1.1 miles, another 1.1 to Chasm Lake (beautiful campsite). Then about 4.5 miles to Martha Lake. A highly recommended side trip to the lakes north of Scylla add about a mile. From Martha Lake to the west end of Goddard Lake is about 2 miles. In my book, these are not long distances. Actually, I think it is a compact basin. IF you are experienced at rock-hopping, basically a day across the basin. If you want to do little side trips, then two days. Another day to get from Martha Lake to Davis Lake (north shore). A camp at Davis Lake is worth it even though you could make it to the PCT. Do the loop if you want to see Martha Lake and Davis Lake. Otherwise, you can base camp at one of the lakes and day-hike, returning via Black Giant Pass.

Bad weather could trip you up. Traveling within the Ionian Basin in rain is really hard and miserable. The rocks are slate, often slick when wet, not like the typical rounded granite rock. Returning via Black Giant Pass is a good "Plan B" if weather goes bad.

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Re: Ionian Basin: Lots of route questions

Postby wanderin.jack » Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:26 pm

Once a gain a valuable dialogue on an intersting topic. We are headed into the IB via Goodard Crk and out over Wanda Pass. It sounds like the route through Reinstein Pass is the way to go but wondered why folks don't go over the notch directly east of Martha L?

Also Bigbrookie mentioned Lake 10212 but I don't see that lake on any of my maps. Can you please help me understand this better?

Thanks all!
Wanderin' Jack
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Re: Ionian Basin: Lots of route questions

Postby WarrenFork » Sun Jul 19, 2015 8:49 pm

Lake 10212 at the head of Goddard Creek is designated with an elevation of 10232 feet on the most recent 7.5 minute topo. Many of us are accustomed to using the elevation found on the old 15 minute Mt Goddard quad.
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Re: Ionian Basin: Lots of route questions

Postby lostcoyote » Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:11 pm

as already mentioned, lake 10232 (formerly 212) would be a worthwhile visit….
especially the meadow down below the lake.
there could be a fun exploration trip downstream if you do a layover at 10232…
the meandering stream (very wide in sections just below 232) is lined with some beautiful grass which turns gold in september.
the next lake down also has good fishing and not far below this lake…
...the creek flows over a metamorphic band of rock which is orange in color.
outstanding photography here (overcast or shadows work best for the water cascades.)
outstanding photography at 10232 as well.

for the out… head north over the gap to get you on down to martha lk (reinstein would be towards the west) and then straight shot it down goddard canyon and then into evolution valely at the junction.
have fun whatever you decide.
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