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Isberg Trail

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Isberg Trail

Postby hikertg » Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:52 pm

I am planning a trip from Granite Creek trail head and am considering hiking to McGee Lake on the Isberg trail and setting up camp. Has anyone day hiked from that point into Bench Canyon? I heard it is spectacular and would like to get info on an off trail day loop in that area that doesn't require technical skills.

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Re: Isberg Trail

Postby Sierra Miguel » Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:50 pm

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Re: Isberg Trail

Postby paul » Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:23 pm

Just got back from there. If you go from McGee it is a fairly long day to go to Blue Lake/Bench canyon and return, as you have to go over two off-trail passes to get there. We went to McGee the first night, then to Long creek via blue/bench, and out via long creek and the Stephenson trail. Very nice, but LOTS of skeeters. If you want to do base camp and dayhike, I'd suggest going into Long Creek and then it's an easy dayhike over to bench canyon and you'll have more time to wander around there. It is a longer trip in to Rockbound Lake, which is where you'd want to go in Long Creek.
Of course, the other way you get to see more country, and Harriet is very nice.
And as for not requiring techincal skills, I'd say it doesn't, but there is some talus to negotiate, fairly steep but nothing really hairy, and if you want to do the McGee to Bench and return variation as a dayhike you'd better be pretty efficient at route-finding. Fortunately you've got nice long daylight for it.
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Re: Isberg Trail

Postby maverick » Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:35 pm

Hi Hikertg,

I heard it is spectacular and would like to get info on an off trail day loop in that area that doesn't require technical skills.

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I don't give out specific route information, my belief is that it takes away from the whole adventure spirit of a trip, if you need every inch planned out, you'll have to get that from someone else.

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Re: Isberg Trail

Postby WarrenFork » Mon Jun 29, 2015 10:52 pm

I second Paul's suggestion to go in via Long Canyon. Mostly though I'm posting to say that waking up in Bench Canyon is such a sublime experience that if you can make a longer trip work you'll never regret it.
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