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Ascending Glacier Pass

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Re: Ascending Glacier Pass

Postby Shawn » Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:19 pm

Hey Scott -

Just wondering if you've been up to Glacier Pass yet?

Today I was up that way and thought about scrambling up the direct route, but that entire valley looks so overgrown and a mess to trudge through. Except for the very beginning of the old trail, I could not observe any evidence of a trail per se' . Anyway, rather than being masochistic going straight up the valley, I took the regular switch-backed trail. I didn't time the walk, but it was evident to me that the trail could be hiked in an equal or maybe even a lesser time than the straight line up the valley. Of course YMMV.

This sign kind of sums it up (at least for someone).
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Re: Ascending Glacier Pass

Postby Ska-T » Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:46 pm

Shawn wrote:Hey Scott -
Just wondering if you've been up to Glacier Pass yet?

No I haven't, Shawn. That trip, if actually done, is scheduled for later in July as a way to get to the Kaweah Basin meetup. Thanks for the photo of the trail sign. #-o

Also, thanks for everyone who posted to this thread. I was up in the mountains for some of the posts and couldn't respond.

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