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Trip Advice: Basins Divide Loop - Thoughts?

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Re: Trip Advice: Basins Divide Loop - Thoughts?

Postby Bluewater » Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:22 pm

Hi Joshua,

This sounds like a fun trip and in late June you will probably get fields of wildflowers (but lots of mosquitoes).

I have hiked most of your route and 2nd WD's recommendation to take a layover day at Casper Lake. There are a few great established camp sites along the north shoreline (and a nice view point on the peninsula), a beautiful sandy beach on the west shore and good fishing in the deep water on the south shore. Fortunately this lake is still pristine thanks to the very remote location.

I liked Thunder Basin (the basin to the west of Casper Lake) and as already mentioned the x/c is easy up into the basin. Also, the outlet of Casper Lake has some nice meandering creeks leading down to the next lake.

Gallats Lake was nice but if you prefer camping up high the views across the Kern-Kaweah Canyon toward the Picket & Kaweah Peaks from Milestone Bowl are very (very) good. BTW, the final climb out of the Kern-Kaweah Canyon toward Colby Pass (from 10,100 - 10,900) was much more strenuous than I had anticipated and the 'trail' was worse than any of the cross country I experienced in the area. . . but once out of the trees the flowers and stream in the plateau at about 11,000 feet were beautiful (last July).

Casper Lake (facing east from the sandy west shore):

casper lake.JPG

Looking west from Casper Lake up into Thunder Basin:

thunder basin from casper lake small file.JPG

Thunder Basin:

thunder basin 2.JPG

Upper Kern Basin from the LSA trail:

upper kern basin.jpg

Plateau at 11,000':

plateau at 11,000'.JPG

Approaching Milestone Bowl:

approaching milestone bowl.JPG

If you're interested I did a trip report that covers much of the route on your itenerary (see days 5, 7 & 8):

http://seatosummitultralight.blogspot.c ... -2014.html

Have fun!
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Re: Trip Advice: Basins Divide Loop - Thoughts?

Postby joshuacourter » Sun Apr 12, 2015 8:41 pm

Tim - Thanks for the link to your TR and photo of the 10,600 ft campsite.

BlueWater - Wow, awesome photos. What a teaser :). I am even more excited about the trip now haha. It won't come soon enough. I think Casper Lake is the way to go between both you and WD's comments. I am thinking about doing a more scenic route too as Maverick mentioned for this area previously. I will check out you link at the end of your photos. Thanks again!
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