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Question: High Sierra Camp loop, not using the camps

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Re: Question: High Sierra Camp loop, not using the camps

Postby oldranger » Thu Mar 19, 2015 8:34 pm

I agree with russ. that area n. of Tioga Pass road is not as interesting as the area s. and there is not really any fishing on that portion of the trip unless tiny brookies tickle your fancy.


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Re: Question: High Sierra Camp loop, not using the camps

Postby markskor » Thu Mar 19, 2015 9:28 pm

Scouter -
Looks like a fine plan - lots of Yosemite to be seen along those slated miles - could work - hope so. Just wondering though, is your Tuolumne TH permit reserved already? (Is that why you are starting out/ going to Glen Aulin?) Is this an offical, 50-mile-badge, scout trip?...or just a typical Sierra whimsy adventure?

Sigh, must be nice to be young, as a few of those days would be a bit long for these legs...those longer hiking days coincidentally would be your best mid-trip fishing days too...just sayin'. Plus, you had mentioned a few "zero" days to be included on route. Maybe missing something here but is your latest trip-plan for a week/7 days, or are those just your hiking days you listed? Looks like you have them scouts hiking every day.

Anyway, having spent an occasional day or two in Yosemite myself, just some random thoughts:
Why again are you going to Glen Aulin? If not just passing thru to longer trails continuing north, or at least down to view the 3 falls (which will be non-impressive this year)...why? I too think your trail time could be better spent elsewhere - additionally, maybe not so much hiking/ more fishing?

Suggest trying a different tact... - (Start/Stay Tuolumne BP - take free morning shuttle) starting your opus Sunrise, Cathedral, or Budd THs.
First trail night Upper Cathedral or one of the Sunrise Lakes, or?
Day 2 - Echo Valley trail to somewhere on Merced River on up - if Washburn great, if not Merced (BTW, Merced Lake is mostly a crowded bog - suggest camping along river ~ a mile before Merced Lake or at that one spot at the west end if not intending to stay at HSC - your only choices here.) but, still a long hiking day and not much fishing expected after.
Day 3 - Short day to Washburn - good fishing, (Plus you can visit one of the "Sacred Pools" just 1/4 mile above), nice beach too...a Nero day well deserved.
Day 4 - Bernice - lots of elevation to gain - would be not an easy day for me and still fish - thank god you are young as this lake is loaded with 8 - 12 inch Brookies...everybody will catch many fish - chucking lures!
Day 5 - Evelyn or Townsley or Ireland
Day 6 - Lyell Camp as before...and down/back to car in TM
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