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Anyone up for the High Sierra Route this summer?

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Anyone up for the High Sierra Route this summer?

Postby filmforever » Fri Feb 06, 2015 4:38 pm

I'm planning on the High Sierra Route this summer. 14 days or so. June-August but I'm training for it now, which is why I'm posting this so early. It depends on snow pack and with the winter we're having who knows what that will be. Probably I'll go in mid July.

I'm new to this forum and joined for some info and to poke around and see if anyone may want to join me. I was planning on doing it alone and that still may happen if the right person(s) don't materialize (often three is ideal). Another friend may come but it's 50/50 whether this will happen.

What's most important is compatibility of course. Throwing strangers together for two weeks in the mountains? Who knows what could happen. If possible I'd like to meet and hike together and perhaps do a short warmup trip first to see how we work and get along. I love being in the mountains alone and will gladly do the whole trip alone. However, with the right person or people it's generally a better time and certainly safer.

Please do a search of the route before you reply. The two links below are good places to start.

Ideally we'll be in good enough shape to hike 12-20+ miles a day up and down mountains and you'll have experience with scrambling and some map/compass skills. Total pack weight should be less than 26-30 lbs. for 7 or 8 days; I plan to bring a Tenkara fishing pole for added protein along the way and a resupply stop at Red's Meadow in the middle as well as .

I'm a 47 year old male who was raised in a log cabin and have lived all over the world for many years- the past 15 in San Francisco and now with my fiancee and a couple of kids in Pleasant Hill, just east of the city. I ride my bike to Bart everyday and work in the woods on the weekends in between hikes in Briones regional park and hanging out with the family. I've lived in Glacier National Park in Montana and Denali National Park in Alaska and have backpacked plenty there as well as the Sierras. I feel very comfortable hiking off trail for long periods of time. I used to be a fairly serious rock climber but have been transitioning into more of a backcountry adventurer for the past few years. I've dreamed of doing this hike since I read Steve Roper's guidebook many years ago.

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