Finish this sentence: "I can't believe I haven't been to..."

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Re: Finish this sentence: "I can't believe I haven't been to..."

Post by OpenSkiesBeckon » Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:30 am

I realize this thread is quite old, but I've been to that lake, camped there for a night. I've always wanted to go back, because the view is cool from the lake (and obviously from the ridge above it). Here's one of the shots I took there ( ... #h1c569dd3). I'd love to go again and get some more improved shots. Anyway, I know people like to hoard their "finds" like they somehow belong to them alone, but I can't stand that. I say go see it, it was the highlight of my trip in that area. It's pretty straight-forward getting to it, too. I hiked to the far side of the lake to check it out, and it looks like it would be a pretty sketchy decent to Cartridge Creek from there.

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Re: Finish this sentence: "I can't believe I haven't been to..."

Post by MichaelRPetrick » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:30 am

Good thread to bump!

Hm, my personal to-do list is below, however most of these being spots I haven't made it to is VERY believable, given how remote they are.

The asterisk entries are the ones I actually kinda can't believe I haven't made it to yet:

Mitre Basin
Kaweah Basin
The Whaleback
Milestone Basin
Tehipite Valley
Dumbbell Lakes
Ladder Lake
Big Pine Creek*
Sabrina Basin*
Ionian Basin
Palisades Basin*
McGee Pass*
Benson Lake
Sawtooth Ridge
Cherry Creek*

Should be visiting Crown Basin, Blue Canyon, and Goddard Canyon in a few days here, otherwise they would be on the list.

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Re: Finish this sentence: "I can't believe I haven't been to..."

Post by giantbrookie » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:09 pm

Actually, this is a fun thread to bump occasionally for folks that posted earlier and have subsequently reached some of those places. For my own list of 7, I did no. 2 in 2015 (summer after post) and no.6 to lead off the 2019 season. I may get to another one of the original 7 this summer, but we'll see.
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Re: Finish this sentence: "I can't believe I haven't been to..."

Post by Lumbergh21 » Wed Jul 01, 2020 10:43 am

I've got a long list of places that I would like to and even plan to hike some day. However, I can't believe that I haven't been to Wales, Wallace, and the Wright Lakes. This year's dance card is alredy full, but I plan to explore thse lakes and the Upper Kern next year, lord and Governor Newsome willing.

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Re: Finish this sentence: "I can't believe I haven't been to..."

Post by dave54 » Wed Jul 01, 2020 11:43 am

The middle stretches of Yellow Creek in Plumas County.
The upper part in Humbug Valley is a native trout stream, no planters. The trout are all native DNA. As a result, there are special C&R rules, etc. The lowermost part (near Belden) gets fishing pressure from Hwy 70. The middle portion is below the special C&R zone and regular fishing rules applies. It is also in a steep rugged canyon with no road access. To get there you travel about an hour and a half on dirt roads, then park and start hiking cross country (less hiking and more of an extended Class III or IV scramble on unstable slopes). But... from google earth I espied some spots that look like good fishing potential and a suitable campsite nearby. I have spoken with several old timers who told me they occasionally worked their way in years ago, and the fishing was good. They claim they are too old to do that anymore. None of the current tackle shops or guides will admit any knowledge of that stretch of stream. No one fishes it anymore, too hard to get to. I am taking that as a challenge.
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