South Fork Kaweah River Canyon to Hockett

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Re: South Fork Kaweah River Canyon to Hockett

Post by limpingcrab » Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:43 am

Cool, I don't think we've ever met but it sounds like we should! Not a ton of people into type II mountain fun and I could always go for some nice bushwhacking.

Darin, good to know. Maybe still fun to fish though?
I've tubed (what I grew up doing) or kayaked (just have an IK) everything from Buckeye Flat to the lake except for that long slide into a corner right next to Buckeye Campground but I'd like to at lower flows.
I would love to check out the middle fork up higher whether it needs a rope or not! One of my favorite fishing spots is to bush whack down a little way past Moro Creek and fish up towards Panther Creek until a gorge makes upward progress too difficult. My dream trip is to go from Buck Creek all the way down over a couple days. Here's where I usually stop, though now I've taken up fly fishing.

Pretty much all of my experience on that river is at pretty low flows playing around in the IK or fishing but it's such a beautiful river, which I'm sure you know since you've been all over the Kaweahs.

PS. I went down to the upper end of Marble Falls after those guys ran it (well, rappelled it) a couple years ago looking for caves and found scraped off kayak plastic on the rocks. That's another section of river that would be fun to canyoneer at low flows with a fishing pole!
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