Help with Humphries

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Re: Help with Humphries

Post by maverick » Wed Aug 27, 2014 11:59 am

Personally I prefer small lakes/ponds over large lakes like Deso Lake, and
some of these ponds 2 years ago there barely had enough water in them, so
they may be dry this year.
Lower Deso Lake at sunset, and the small ponds west of the Lower Deso
Lake with the Glacier Divide as a backdrop at sunrise are good. Both of these
places can also be good at sunrise/sunset if clouds are present and you get some
pastel colors.
As Dave pointed out, you have to get lucky with the wind, but early morning
and evening hours the wind is usually not a factor and makes for good reflections.
Lower Deso has interesting rock subjects in the water, and around its shore, which
one can find by scouting during the day, and then going back to them at the
golden hours.

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