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Any more trip reports from Desolation, July 2014?

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Any more trip reports from Desolation, July 2014?

Postby jambuckley » Sat Jul 19, 2014 10:36 am

Hi all! I'm finally getting my teens out on to the trail! We've chosen to go into Desolation from Twin Lakes trailhead. We know the area from lots of day hiking and I think it's a good intro hike.

Last trip report I find on HST from the area was from early June, and from east side trail heads? Anyone have more recent trip or day hike reports to share? Im thinking water updates ( lake to lake only, I'm sure), bugs, fish?

Thanks to all who have helped to get us *to* the trail head, via advice and feedback! I'll post on my return. :) :)

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Re: Any more trip reports from Desolation, July 2014?

Postby apeman45 » Sun Jul 20, 2014 1:26 am

I was on Mt Tallac a week ago. Mosquitos were still out in the usual spots in the 7 - 8 k elevation but not that bad. Water will not be a problem. Creeks are lower but fine. The higher elevations of Desolation actually got some good late season snow which only melted out completely a month or so ago. I noticed horsetail falls at twin bridges was flowing nicely. The whole Wrights lake area suffered a severe tree blowdown event in the winter and was just recently reopened a few weeks ago. I sent some novice hikers to twin lakes for a day hike 3 weeks ago and they reported no problems and did really well catching the small brookies in twin lakes.
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Re: Any more trip reports from Desolation, July 2014?

Postby Tom_H » Sun Jul 20, 2014 1:51 am

I did a short trip with my daughter about a month ago, but did not post a TR. Went in and came back out at Meeks Bay. Water levels then were what I would have normally expected around mid August. It wasn't quite dusty yet, but you could tell it was getting there. Mosquitos at Geneveive and Crag Lakes were moderate at the water's edge, but we stayed away from them on a table near the SE corner of Crag. Snow was gone except for some tiny patches at ridge rims and on Peaks. From Hwy.89 I could see back to Dicks Peak and there was a bit more there. I am sure all snow is gone now. I imagine by now the water is significantly lower, the sandy trails getting pretty dusty, and the fire danger starting to get pretty high.

Horesetail Falls was a moderate flow at that time and the American RIver looked like it does in late August.
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