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Rae Lakes and Sixty Lakes from Onion Valley June 27-29 2014

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Rae Lakes and Sixty Lakes from Onion Valley June 27-29 2014

Postby tallkan » Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:03 pm

I went out solo a few days and had much fun in Sixty Lakes. Already the memories of all the mosquitos are fading fast and leaving behind only the good stuff.

I reserved a permit online, but then I never received it in my email. So I just went to Lone Pine the day before and picked up a walk up permit. I dont know whatever happened with my online permit, but i hope i didnt pay too much for it.

Gear for this one was pretty light, 8x10 tarp with natural wood found onsite for pitching it, alcy stove, foam mat, etc. Mostly food found at home was used, except for some sausage and bok choy for making things interesting. I'm at the point now where I enjoy tea, coffee, miso, etc with dinner, so if I change anything it would be to bring my Kovea Spider stove since heating multiple dishes is a pain with alcohol.

Before my hike i decided to explore Alabama Hills a bit in my van. 4 hours later, when I should be sleeping at the trailhead "acclimatizing", I was still digging my van out of the sand and finally quit at 11pm. Somehow the next morning, I managed to hike 4 miles out, get a tow and still make it to Onion Valley by noon. I walked into Rae Lakes around 5pm that day after some exploring the tarns at Glenn Pass for a while.

to be continued...wih pics....

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