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TR: Lyons Creek Trail to Sylvia Lake

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TR: Lyons Creek Trail to Sylvia Lake

Postby jimandluba » Mon Jun 23, 2014 8:48 pm

My wife and I did this 9 miles (RT) hike with a 1,500 ft. elevation gain today. We found lots of wildflowers and mosquitos, a nice forested trail along a creek, distant views of Pyramid Peak and Mount Price, and a small Alpine lake beneath Pyramid Peak at the end. There were only a few patches of snow across the trail, which we easily went around. Many wildflowers were past their peak, but many others were yet to bloom. A nice hike. - Jim

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Re: TR: Lyons Creek Trail to Sylvia Lake

Postby balzaccom » Thu Jun 26, 2014 8:25 pm

it is indeed a nice hike. We spent a lovely three day weekend up there years ago...and had a wonderful time and some nice fishing, too!

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Re: TR: Lyons Creek Trail to Sylvia Lake

Postby FeetFirst » Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:01 pm

Does anyone know what's up with the "Private Property" signage and improved camp near the creek within the first ~half mile up the trail from the parking area?

I've been on this trail multiple times for the past couple of years and it seems like each year more "Private Property" signs go up expanding the no-go boundary. Furthermore, each year more signs of use (e.g. tire tracks, cut wood, campsite improvements) seem to appear.

I've called the Pacific Ranger District station about it a couple of times and no one there knows anything about it. I've actually been told that it's most likely an illegal camp and they'll look into it. I've checked out USFS maps and no private property is shown.

I'm hoping to take my 4 year old son on a short trip up Lyons Creek, probably only a mile or two in, this summer to do some fishing, splashing, etc. and camp for the night. I don't want some kind of confrontation for unknowingly camping on someone's property.

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