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SHR, Need Advice re Hitchhiking to Trailhead [x-post transpo

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SHR, Need Advice re Hitchhiking to Trailhead [x-post transpo

Postby michaelc » Sun Jun 22, 2014 12:18 am

Can anyone confirm for me that there is multi-day parking by twin lakes?

I want to hitchhike from there to the start of the SHR at the Onion Valley Trailhead. Annet's Mono Village isn't that close to the hwy so what time should I get there if I want to find a ride at least to the hwy where more people might pick me up? I thought if I leave early and get there by noon there might be few people leaving, but if I go later I might not get all the way to Independence.

How long should I expect it to take?

I gave someone a ride once, but never hitchhiked before--is it customary to give a tip?

What do I do if I'm out on the road, can't find a ride and the sun sets?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Re: SHR, Need Advice re Hitchhiking to Trailhead [x-post transpo

Postby maverick » Sun Jun 22, 2014 11:33 am

There was a backpackers parking lot at Twin Lakes, they did charge, but I do not
remember the cost since that was over a decade ago. Best bet is to call them, or
someone will chime in who did the Northern Yosemite Loop not to long ago.

I would get there early, that gives you more of a chance to catch a ride.

Can't say how long it will take, no one can. When doing the JMT got a ride from
the Portal to 395 in 15 min's, a ride to 395/120 junction in 20 min's, and the
wait for a ride to Tuolumne from there was over 2 hours, thought that section
would have been the quickest, luckily a park employee came by and gave me
a ride.

Make a sign with you destination on it, including "will $$ for gas".

Check for campgrounds, or campsite with water, if you need to spend the night along
the way (prepare ahead of time for this, don't say I'll deal with it if it happens).
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Re: SHR, Need Advice re Hitchhiking to Trailhead [x-post transpo

Postby Wandering Daisy » Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:07 pm

I think you have a hard hitch ahead of you. You have to get down to 395 at Bridgeport. Then along 395 and again up to the trailhead at Onion Valley. After parking your car, go to the restaurant or store and ask for a ride (offer gas$) from people going in an out. I think you will have better luck than standing on the road. In Bridgeport, ask again at the gas station. Here you could immediately give them $$ for gas! You more likely would get people going only to Lee Vining or Bishop, than on to the Onion Valley Road. I would have enough cash or credit card so that you could stay in a motel along the way if things become desperate. If you are dropped off in Bishop, get off at the FS office. It may be easier to get a ride here where people are getting their permits. Timing is everything. Friday afternoon a lot of people are picking up permits at Bishop.

Another option, once in Bridgeport, a bus goes south from Reno. You would have to check on schedule. I do not think it runs every day. Given the added problems of to and from trailheads, a commercial transport company may be a better choice.

Personally I would park in Onion Valley and deal with the hitching at the end of the trip. I would try really hard to find a friend who would pick me up at Twin Lakes to be returned to the car.

In 2010 it cost me $20 to park at Twin Lakes for 2 weeks.
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