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What are you planning for 2014?

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Re: What are you planning for 2014?

Postby robow8 » Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:24 pm

RoguePhotonic wrote: I've been spending too much money on gun sports! :snipe:

I didn't know that was possible!

I'm just getting back into backpacking, but I'll be doing some local SoCal overnighters and then a Clark Range traverse out of HI with my wife at the end of August.

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Re: What are you planning for 2014?

Postby LMBSGV » Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:39 pm

My wife and I are going to Death Valley next week for her birthday. We’re also booked for 4 days toward the end of June at Humboldt Redwoods for my birthday and our anniversary. And, of course, I/we'll do spontaneous overnights at Pt. Reyes through November since it's local.

As for the Sierra, I have a permit for early August for a 9 day trip up Copper Creek Trail for 4 nights in Lakes Basin (Marion Lake, 2 nights at that magical lake below Dumbbell Pass with a day trip to Dumbbell Lakes, one night somewhere in Lakes Basin, then over Cartridge Pass and Pinchot Pass back to Roads End). I’ve done most of this route previously, but wanted to do it one more time, allowing more quiet time to fully appreciate Lakes Basin. Any other Sierra trips will be short (2 nights) and could be possibly in July (work will most likely prevent this) and for sure in late September/early October. Right now, I’m considering McCabe Lakes or Nelson Lake.

I would also love to do the late July HST rendevous, but work/family commitments make that impossible. Maybe in about 3 years when I’m retired and can take any free time I want, I’ll be able to do something like that. So if we’re all still here in 2017, count me in.
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Re: What are you planning for 2014?

Postby markskor » Thu Mar 20, 2014 1:49 am

Never a hard pre-planner...but, hopefully like Rogue, another 100 Sierra nights somewhere - Yosemite/Bishop/Mammoth areas...my back yard.

And, since nobody worthwhile has asked me to join them so far, I guess will follow along behind OldRanger again - (He says he has something in the works late May to mid July). Anticipate lots of fishing/ backcountry rafting/ bickering with the old goat. Somebody has to watch out and cook for him.
(...shoot me now.)

After Mike leaves, a 10 - 12 day, North Lake - Pine Creek trip is in the works.
... always a few art classes in Yosemite Valley, and whatever else strikes my fancy come August.
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Re: What are you planning for 2014?

Postby oldhikerQ » Thu Mar 20, 2014 5:48 am

Only 2 trips this summer. In early August, 4 days in Lake Sabrina Basin. This is a first backpack for one of our groups grandsons. They will just go in and out, and a few of us will spend two days wandering the basin. After Labor Day, the group is going from Virginia Lakes to Twin Lakes via Matterhorn Canyon. I know that it's a dry year, but lots of other group commitments make this the only time we can get the gang together.
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Re: What are you planning for 2014?

Postby oldranger » Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:24 am

May 18-- two night at easy access lake on e. side

May 22--10 to 12 night trip from Tuolumne area to Agnew Meadows.

June 6--5 night trip to Woodchuck Country

June 15--12 night trip to upper Merced

June 29 to July 10--?????????????? (possibly 4 night trip to special e. side lake plus another short trip)

July 10 home to bend with car camping/boat fishing until Aug 8

Aug 11-16 Alpine Lakes Wilderness in Washington

Aug 18 thru Labor day weekend local trips/boat fishing

Post labor day--Olympic Peninsula car camping

Late sept thru october--local trips/fishing. Possibly car camping trip down E. side of Sierra.

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Re: What are you planning for 2014?

Postby Troutdog 59 » Thu Mar 20, 2014 3:49 pm

Got to love your plan WD. I’ve never been to the Winds, but it is on the wish list of almost every backcountry angler. I must check it out some day.

Not much set in concrete right now except some family outings. The latter parts of July and August are booked with two family outings (Russian River and Tahoe). As I live in the Central Valley where it can get so very hot, I often postpone a pack trip or two from my loose agenda to join my wife for a couple of nights at the coast or at Mono Hot Springs. Mono has become a regular respite from the valley heat for my wife and me. Not sure, but it might have something to do with the resort having a great masseuse.

For backpacking this year, I have 4 trips on my mind possibly a 5th in late September early October (if they are allowing anyone in at all), but will likely end up doing one or two less due to the family activities and schedule. I tend to overdo the scheduling and never quite do em all, but it’s no biggie. There’s simply not enough time to do all the hikes I would like to do anyhow.

Plan for 2014 pack trips at this point:

• I’m looking at a 3 day trip in early May. My original plan was to hike into the Moke around Salt Springs, but with so little snow I may shoot higher. Time will tell, but I really would like to check out the Moke.

• Don’t tell the guys that I haven’t received my AARP card yet, but I’m joining the HST Old Fart crew for 5 days in Woodchuck country in June. Looking forward to that one even though I’m guessing the skeets will be out in force. Got to love head nets eh?

• Either a 5 day or 8 day trip (son doesn’t know how much time, if any, he can get off due to a new job) in early July over the Silver Divide into the Minnow Creek area. Even though I live nearby, I’ve never accessed this part of the Silver Divide before.

• 3 day trip with my daughter in early August to somewhere like the Chain Lakes in So. Yosemite or Anna Lake in the Hoover. If there’s enough water, might also just head up the So. Fork of the San Joaquin River above the JMT Ranch. She loves it there and the hot springs and swimming lake are a big plus. August is typically a great month to visit the San Joaquin, but this year could be different.

• Possibly a 4 day trip in late September with my son and/or brother into the John Muir Wilderness to my favorite Golden Lake. Been a several years since I’ve been there and my son wants to return.

That’s the plan for now, but destinations will likely change due to conditions and better offers.
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Re: What are you planning for 2014?

Postby sciaticnve » Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:41 pm

Planning phase of my upcoming JMT in September, got my reservation!
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Postby sheperd80 » Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:04 am

Some ambitious planners here! I personally never know where im goin until a week or so before. All i have planned this year so far is a one nighter to jackass lakes with some coworkers in a few weeks, and a dayhike up half dome because ive never done it.

Beyond that i want to pick up where i left off last year and hit a few Ansel Adams trails. Either this year or next depending on work and other factors, i want to do the Minarets Loop but i know so few people who would do it.

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Re: What are you planning for 2014?

Postby xNateX » Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:33 am

No ideas at all.

Life has given me quite the bone though. Turns out I can get off of my [merchant marine] ship anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks off this summer. Most likely I'll get off June 6 through August 15th. Once I check into the Mammoth Guest House and get an early morning coffee at the Looney Bean a time or five, I'll see where inspiration moves me...

Hard to believe, but an entire 70 days for the Sierra this season. It's a bit overwhelming.
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Re: What are you planning for 2014?

Postby FeetFirst » Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:06 am

As for planned trips:

A short mileage overnight trip in June with my son (3 1/2), and possibly my friend and his son who's the same age as mine, to the Eldorado NF (Silver Fork American River/Caples Creek or Lyons Creek).

I have a 5 day/4 night trip planned with my brother and friend for the 4th of July into Emigrant Wilderness (Kennedy Meadows TH>Relief Reservoir>Emigrant Lake>Wire Lakes>Upper Relief Valley>Kennedy Meadows TH).

I've reserved a permit for a trip in mid-July from Tuolumne (Lyell Canyon TH) to Agnew Meadows.

Nothing else on calendar, but I'm going to try to see if I can sneak away for a week and check out Evolution Valley. Also, I'm sure there will be quite a few 2-night trips in Desolation/Emigrant Wilderness.
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