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Trip Advice -- 6 day, 2 person trip

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Re: Trip Advice -- 6 day, 2 person trip

Postby Saltydog » Sun Apr 06, 2014 7:55 am

I am looking a a lollipop version of the HIgh Sierra Trail. Breaking left at Junction Meadow and returning over Pants Pass. Should be about the same number of days, and at your pace include bagging a Kaweah or two. Lots of info on the spectacular HST, so I won't burden the discussion with pics etc. Another variation from the same starting point, and less traveled than HST would be HST to Lone Pine Creek, Elizabeth Pass, Deadman Canyon etc returning over Colby and then Pants.

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Re: Trip Advice -- 6 day, 2 person trip

Postby alpinemike » Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:21 am

Not that the scenery up to Elizabeth Pass from Lone Pine Creek is bad or even sub par but that trail is absolutely awful at least in my experience. Completely unrelenting for almost 3,400FT in just 3 miles. That's over a 1000 ft of vertical in every mile of distance covered. To me that's a brutal trail. And on top of that when I did it last year it was brutally hot. I did it going North to South and I would definitely recommend sticking to it that way. Also I lost the trail in that part because it's been in disrepair and losing it going uphill really could mean some annoying backtracking or cliffs. I completely vouch for going there just doing it North to South instead of South to North.
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