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Tehipite/Gorge Of Despair Sept 2013

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Re: Tehipite/Gorge Of Despair Sept 2013

Postby DoyleWDonehoo » Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:17 pm

sparky wrote:It is hard to be sure, but it seems as though I can see parts of this trail when comparing the old map with current topos and satellite images.

I was looking at Google Earth, and I could plainly see segments of the Happy Gap trail on the south slopes. Those slopes suffered fire damage in recent years, so that probably complicated the trails usability. On the north slopes I couldn't find anything that I could positively identify as trail. A more sane thing to do would be to check out where the old HG trail ends up on the middle fork in a low water year or season. The old map posted above suggests many switchbacks on that very steep slope, and if anything survives of the old trail, it would be there.
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Re: Tehipite/Gorge Of Despair Sept 2013

Postby Shawn » Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:43 am

Well, I found myself also looking at Google Earth for any indication of the old trail. I got snagged after seeing a copy on eBay of Solomone's magazine article of his "discovery" of Tehipite Valley. Soon thereafter I noticed a 1906 map of Tehipite and the Monarch Divide also on eBay (go figure).

Prior to this I had re-read your (Doyle's) fine TR of the Monarch Divide which has again piqued my interest in the area. Seems like lots of intrigue and history in the area.

Incidentally, I did see what appeared to be remnants of the trail on the north slopes - hard to say for sure, but some segments look like more man made than by wildlife.

PS. The 1906 map was going for $75 bucks; instead I opted for a 1952 version for $15.
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