Hitchhiking, Bus Connections and Ride-Sharing

Following are some basic Sierra hitchhiking strategies I and my comrades in Sierran hitching have learned…

Dehydrating Your Own Trail Food

I’ve been looking at dehydrators for years, but never pulled the trigger until a few weeks ago when I found a factory refurbished Excelsior unit with timer on ebay.

Culinary Aspects of Sierra Trout, Safe Practices, Gutting/Cleaning and Cooking Methods

Here’s a discussion on some culinary aspects of Sierra trout…

MYOG: Powder Coating Fishing Lures

When the company that makes Z-Rays decided to quit the business I bought whatever colors I could in the sizes I wanted. Doing a little research on the internet I found that it is possible to powdercoat paint over existing lures. So I decided to try it.

The Case for PLBs

I started carrying a PLB several years ago, after the weight and price of these devices finally fit my tolerance level. My hiking style hasn’t changed one iota since I started carrying my PLB. I’ve never used it and I don’t intend to ever use it (just like my First Aid Kit… should I stop carrying THAT, too?) But no one ever intends to have an accident.

Sierra Nevada Lightning Safety

Length of the storms vary but most start around 1-2 pm and last till 4-5 pm, but there are exceptions like storms (with lightening) lasting till 2-3 am, or starting early morning, but these are much more rare occurrences.

Fishing Etiquette and Low Impact Practice: C&R, litter, etc.

For folks that have practiced catch and release fishing, this is old hat. Folks range from 100% catch and release, to catch and eat (and release that not destined for the table). The key is minimizing kill rate on the fish, of course.

Sierra Snowpack and Stream Flow Data / Maps

Listing some of the available online resources for obtaining Sierra Nevada snow pack, river and stream flow data/info.