Culinary Aspects of Sierra Trout, Safe Practices, Gutting/Cleaning and Cooking Methods

Here’s a discussion on some culinary aspects of Sierra trout…

MYOG: Powder Coating Fishing Lures

When the company that makes Z-Rays decided to quit the business I bought whatever colors I could in the sizes I wanted. Doing a little research on the internet I found that it is possible to powdercoat paint over existing lures. So I decided to try it.

Fishing Etiquette and Low Impact Practice: C&R, litter, etc.

For folks that have practiced catch and release fishing, this is old hat. Folks range from 100% catch and release, to catch and eat (and release that not destined for the table). The key is minimizing kill rate on the fish, of course.

Gillnetted / “Lost” Lakes in the Sierra Nevada

Reports continue to filter in about high country lakes that have been gillnetted in order to create habitat for mountain yellow legged frogs. Although these lakes are a small fraction of the total number of lakes with fish in the Sierra, finding out which lakes have been gillnetted is very difficult, and this is a problem for trip planning–one doesn’t want to invest a lot of time hiking to find a fishless target.