Sierra Nevada Lightning Safety

Length of the storms vary but most start around 1-2 pm and last till 4-5 pm, but there are exceptions like storms (with lightening) lasting till 2-3 am, or starting early morning, but these are much more rare occurrences.

Sierra Snowpack and Stream Flow Data / Maps

Listing some of the available online resources for obtaining Sierra Nevada snow pack, river and stream flow data/info.

Gillnetted / “Lost” Lakes in the Sierra Nevada

Reports continue to filter in about high country lakes that have been gillnetted in order to create habitat for mountain yellow legged frogs. Although these lakes are a small fraction of the total number of lakes with fish in the Sierra, finding out which lakes have been gillnetted is very difficult, and this is a problem for trip planning–one doesn’t want to invest a lot of time hiking to find a fishless target.